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About Merlin's Hide Out

Our hides are of premium quality. They are professionally tanned by some of the best in industry. Our hides have magnificent long thick hair that is  soft to the touch, supple and are the perfect accent for a den, cabin, tepee, fireplace or black powder setting.

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Each buffalo hide is unique in color and hair coloration and thickness. They are great on a bed, sofa, as a rug or a wall hanging. They are an authentic piece of American Western Heritage with their many uses and beauty.

We recently expanded our operation to include other furs and fur products.  You can expect the same premium quality on these furs as you do on the buffalo hides.

You are getting direct pricing from us, "the tanners" with no middle man involved!

We have been in the tanning business for over ten years. We moved to our current location in 2005. If you are ever in Thermopolis, WY please stop by, have a cup of coffee and tour our operation.

Thank you for checking us out and if you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us!