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Buffalo Hide Rugs

Buffalo rug on wooden floorBuffalo robes/hides are absolutely perfect as a rug in front of the fireplace, at the foot of the couch, or use a buffalo robe/hide to accent a beautiful hardwood floor. The deep soft fur will make the buffalo robe/hide the most luxurious rug you have ever owned.

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Chair and Couch Covers

Buffalo robe draped over couch Buffalo hide couch cover  Bison hide chair cover

Buffalo robes are fantastic as covers for your couches, love seats, and chairs. These beautiful robes will make your furniture more comfortable to lounge in as well as making for conversation when entertaining guests.

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Buffalo hide bedspread

Your bedroom is another great place for a buffalo robe, not just as a warm soft rug that your bare feet step on to first thing in the morning, but as a bedspread. Our premium quality buffalo robes with their thick fur and breathable hide will keep you warm and cozy on the cold winter nights.

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Wall Hangings

Buffalo Hide/Skin Wall hangingA magnificent way to display this fine piece of American heritage is to proudly hang the buffalo hide on a wall for all to see. Adds a unique style to any room and is a great conversation piece.

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Buffalo Hide/Skin Wall hanging

Personal Wraps

Buffalo Hide Wrap

When the cold winter winds start to blow, our beautiful buffalo robes with their thick fur and soft breathable hide are perfect personal wraps to keep you warm and comfortable.       Native Americans have done this for generations!

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Buffalo Hide Wrap

Pooch Pad

Buffalo hide used as a dog blanketYour dogs will love to lie on the soft fur of a buffalo robe. It will help keep them warm in the winter or lounging comfortably in the dog days of the summer. The perfect gift for mans' best friend.

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Bison hide gift boxOur buffalo robes make great gifts for someone who desires warmth to someone who has it all. These buffalo robes make a great and uniquely memorable gift that will last a lifetime. Also makes a great peace offering.

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